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March 9, 2017

October 30, 2015

May 17, 2015

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November 15, 2019

I absolutely love working on music videos. 

March 9, 2017

Normally, I'm not a photographer.

It wasn't until High school and college did I star to experiment with the medium. My earliest professional recollection was entering an art show, where I showcased some B&W images that I manipulated with some very rudimentary Photoshop skills.  I never fully got into being the one behind the lens, but I got the fun opportunity to shoot young up and coming director...

December 27, 2015

This was one of the first shoots that I did where I lead the creative direction - from concept to props to styling. This was a favorite because I was able to utilize my creative skill set to make this shoot happen alongside the photographer. 

October 30, 2015

What an amazing treat to be able to have been able cook and work with Heidi Swanson, and to see the a bit of the process of this book come together. It's been tough to hold back the excitement, but I can finally talk about it!  


Working with Heidi Swanson was a truly a proud moment for me and my culinary career. I often used to look at her website for creative inspiration with vegetarian...

October 30, 2015

Sometimes I gotta pinch myself. Good friend and super talented photographer Leslie Williamsom came over to my home to capture me in my element (and of course that's the kitchen) for New York clothing line ApieceApart. Ashley Helvey helped to style, and Leigh Patterson wrote the questions. I gotta say, the questions were thoughtful and I really enjoyed answering them. 



July 21, 2015

I worked on the recipes for this quiet little gem with Heidi  Swanson. It was a special downloadable newsletter that went out to those on her email list. Isn't it pretty? A super special experience that I am really grateful for.





May 18, 2015

L-R - Angela Lison, Noah Mayrand, Julia, Amy Guittard., Annie Callan, me. 


May 17, 2015

Beautiful day with such cute kids running around. Warm and and inviting family and fresh air breezing throughout the day. love love love... especially the wine.

Photos by Daniel Dent Photography 

Art Direction: George McCalman - McCalman CO. 

Client: Revival Wines 

Food Styling, Props and Creative Direction: Tina Dang 

May 17, 2015

Some excerpts from my good friend Ai Sugano. Please go view her work at 

Creative concept and Direction : Tina Dang 

May 17, 2015

Client : Bel Campo 

Shot by Daniel Dent -


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