Near & Far - Cookbook

What an amazing treat to be able to have been able cook and work with Heidi Swanson, and to see the a bit of the process of this book come together. It's been tough to hold back the excitement, but I can finally talk about it!

Working with Heidi Swanson was a truly a proud moment for me and my culinary career. I often used to look at her website for creative inspiration with vegetarian dishes when my personal chef client was transitioning to becoming a vegetarian. It was my constant and consistent muse, as also Heidi as been. Grateful to have been able to cook in Heidi and Wayne's beautiful kitchen.

I fill with joy as I flip through the book knowing that I had contributed to such a beautiful book. It was absolutely invigorating, creatively, to be able to come up with recipes as well as to taste, test, and tweak them as needed. Much to be lauded was also being able to work alongside poet and write Emelie Griffin.

Heidi will always stay an inspiration to me, especially when I cook with vegetables, which she has always been since my days as a young(ish) line cook. So you can say it was a dream come true to be able to step inside her kitchen. Lots of laughs, sometimes a nice chilled glass of rose and oodles of chocolates were had, amongst the items from Quitokeeto.

The book itself is a hard bound & perfectly sized, with a textured covered that just feels really good when holding it. This is the advanced copy, but the cookbook will be due out this fall. You can also on Amazon. Isn't it so beautiful!?